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Shandong Jiangtai Insurance Company has covered more than 3000 elevators with liability insurance

August 3, 2019

Latest company news about Shandong Jiangtai Insurance Company has covered more than 3000 elevators with liability insurance

Recently, the Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Shandong Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau and Provincial Finance Department jointly issued the Notice on Promoting Elevator Liability Insurance in an All-round Way and Promoting the Application of the New Elevator "Insurance + Service" Model, which calls for the implementation of elevator liability insurance in an all-round way in Shandong Province and the exploration of establishing elevator "Insurance + Service" worker. The system also claims that the coverage rate of elevator liability insurance will reach more than 30% in 2019. Can elevator liability insurance alleviate these problems? Who pays the insurance premium? With many doubts and confusions, the reporter visited Jiangtai Insurance Broker Shandong Branch, which has insured more than 3000 elevators for several property companies in Jinan City, and asked Wang Hong, general manager, to explain the difficulties for you. Wang Hong said that elevator liability insurance refers to the elevator owned or managed by the insured, which causes passengers'personal casualties or property damage during operation, and its economic compensation liability is assumed by the insurance company according to the insurance contract. All elevator owners, managers or operators of commercial pavement, office buildings, factory buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, residential buildings, etc. can insure elevator liability insurance according to their needs. In the past few years, Jiangtai Insurance Broker Shandong Branch promoted elevator liability insurance through property companies in Jinan and other cities. Generally, it is extended as an additional part of the place liability insurance. Of course, there are also elevator liability insurance schemes specially designed in response to customer requirements. Wang Hong told reporters that from the operation of elevator liability insurance in and out of the province in the past few years, local governments generally have financial support, encourage the prefectural and municipal financial departments to give premium subsidies, insurance liability insurance and "insurance + service" for elevators in office places of government organs and full public institutions, and the premium is included in the finance according to the regulations. Budget to promote the relevant units to actively insure; Property service enterprises and owners'committees apply for elevator "insurance + service", usually applying for residential special maintenance funds according to procedures for insurance expenditure; Elevator operation and use orders for stations, waterway passenger terminals, star hotels, museums, cultural museums, art galleries, A-class scenic spots, etc. In general, elevator liability insurance and "insurance + service" are covered by operators and users. Local financial departments, where conditions permit, will also give appropriate subsidies or introduce incentive policies. The role of elevator liability insurance in elevator safety is obvious. Wang Hong, for example, in a residential project in Tengzhou, Zaozhuang, in June 2013, an owner had an accident of falling down a ladder while riding an elevator. The violent shock caused the owner's ankle fracture, which was assessed as grade 10 disability by the judicial appraisal body. After receiving the information of the case, the company actively mediated compensation. The insurance company compensated the injured. Medical expenses of 28,000 yuan, disability allowance of 100,000 yuan, a total of 128,000 yuan, a better settlement of disputes between property companies and owners, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of owners. As an early practitioner of elevator liability insurance in Shandong Province, Wang Hong said that Jiangtai Insurance Broker Shandong Branch will actively cooperate with the market supervision department to fulfill the elevator safety supervision responsibilities according to law and promote the implementation of elevator liability insurance and "insurance + service". Under the guidance of the banking insurance supervision department, according to the number of elevator floors, the age of elevators, and the service of elevators. Elevator safety risk factors such as elevator use area and environment, take the initiative to do a good job in the design of elevator "insurance + service" insurance products, so as to achieve more than 30% coverage of elevator liability insurance in 2019, and then comprehensively implement elevator liability insurance in the province, explore the establishment of elevator "insurance + service" working mechanism, and do what insurance institutions should do. Social responsibility.


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