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Ten safety warning instructions for Fuji elevators

December 31, 2018

  1.Do not let children take the elevator alone. Children generally do not understand the elevator safety rules, and lack the ability to deal with emergencies in a timely and calm manner.

  2.When waiting for the ladder, it is strictly forbidden to lean on the hall door, so as not to affect the opening of the hall door or fall into the car when opening the door. It is strictly forbidden to push, impact, kick the hall door, or pry open the hall door with hand-held objects, so as to avoid damaging the hall structure.

  3.Take the elevator should abide by public order and take the elevator in an orderly manner. If the elevator car is full, you should consciously wait for the next elevator.

  4.Before entering the car, you should first observe whether the hall door is fully opened and see if the car is parked on that floor. Do not rush in.

  5.Do not use too long thin rope to lead toys or pets to take the elevator, and use hand to pull or hold, in order to prevent the rope from being caught by the floor and car door, resulting in operation accidents.

  6.When children take the elevator, they are not allowed to tap the floor button of the control panel at will, resulting in waste of elevator resources.

  7.The order of elevator riding should be maintained, and no playfulness should be allowed in the elevator car, so as not to cause the misoperation of elevator safety devices and cause the phenomenon of elevator shutdown.

  8.When the elevator car door closes, do not use hands, feet and body to block the car door closing, so as to avoid causing personal injury.

  9.Parents and children should keep calm when passengers are trapped in the car due to blackouts, safety device actions and faults, and use communication equipment such as alarm devices, telephone and alarm buttons in the car to contact the elevator attendants in time, and wait patiently for the arrival of rescue workers. When waiting, in order to prevent the car from suddenly starting and falling down, it is better to squat or hold the armrest of the car. Professionals should cooperate with their actions when they come to rescue.

  10.If you encounter an elevator being repaired, you should take another elevator or take the stairs.

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