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The First Intelligent Elevator in China Successfully Developed

December 30, 2018

Latest company news about The First Intelligent Elevator in China Successfully Developed

    Recently, after more than five years of research and development experiments, Fuji Elevator Company has succeeded in the first intelligent elevator in China. The elevator can recognize faces. This elevator can integrate face recognition system, elevator Internet management system and residential intelligent property management system. It is the first time that the whole process of non-contact elevator ride has been realized, which makes "brushing face" elevator ride a reality.

    The ordinary elevator requires manual operation. The "smart elevator" developed by Fuji Elevator Company can be used without contact with all kinds of buttons during the ride.

   "Hello, welcome home!" Recently, in the elevator test tower of Zai Elevator Company, technicians demonstrated the whole process of riding intelligent elevator on site. Intelligent elevator can input the owner's identity information in advance. After entering the residential building, the building entrance guard face recognition system will quickly identify whether it is a resident of the building. If it is, it will call the elevator at the same time. The elevator will wait on the first floor to save waiting time for the residents. After entering the elevator, the face recognition system in the car will check the owner's information again, and then automatically send the owner to the residential floor.

    Since 2013, Fuji Elevator Company has started the research and development of intelligent elevator. After more than five years of efforts, it has successfully integrated various intelligent systems into the elevator and realized the whole process of non-contact elevator ride. In addition, once the elevator is in operation, the system will automatically send the information to the elevator maintenance personnel, who can directly communicate with the trapped owner by video through their mobile phones.

    Intelligent elevators are also high-end customized products, and the price is higher than ordinary elevators.

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