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Quality Control in Elevator Manufacturing


Elevator is a large-scale Mechatronics equipment, and its safety needs to be guaranteed in different links during operation. Because the elevator belongs to bulk delivery, it can't leave the factory as other products, so it needs limited equipment conditions and empty space.

Assembling tests are carried out in the interior environment. This kind of elevator parts which are required to be manufactured by the lover should be of stable quality. Based on this, the author

Combining with many years of basic quality inspection experience, from non-material procurement, self-made parts processing, external processing and shipment control. In this paper, a series of analysis on quality control in elevator manufacturing process are carried out.



Key words: elevator; manufacturing; quality control


The elevator is powered by electric motors and is equipped with box cranes for passenger or cargo transportation in multi-storey buildings. Serving the specified floor

Fixed lifting equipment. The quality control of elevator manufacturing process should have a clear goal, based on the effective use of resources.

The whole process of elevator manufacturing is managed and controlled. In order to meet the objective needs, it is necessary to develop the quality of elevator manufacturing process.

Control. Based on the author's practical experience, this paper puts forward some opinions.



Quality Control in Purchasing Link


According to the size of the shadow in the product quality, the material can be divided into different kinds, usually the safety components are A.The important category is B, and the general category is C. Among them, the shadow direction of class A material to elevator is multifaceted, which may be reliable.Sex, safety and related performance are affected; Class B materials mainly include frequency converters, computer boards and control boxes.Class C refers to materials other than Class A and Class B, which are included in the elevator quality.Steel plate, raw materials and elevator wishes, etc. The above materials must be purchased from the approved List of Qualified Suppliers.Suppliers, combined with the different types of materials, develop specific inspection process.




Material procurement


For the procurement of Class A materials, the Procurement Department must provide the test report for them in the process of reporting and inspection, and the Quality Inspection Department shall also provide them with the test report.


Full inspection of 100% 68 should be carried out. In the process of inspection, the focus should be on whether the product model parameters meet the requirements, and whether the products are famous places and places of interest.

Information such as factory date and factory number should be entered in the Record of Material Entry Inspection. There are no technical requirements for the inspection process and products.

Parallel purchased parts shall be stored in isolation and marked to avoid unexpected use and purchased.Personnel will return the goods to them.


Purchase with Category C Substances


Category C and Category C substances should be sampled according to a certain proportion and checked in accordance with the material purchase inspection criteria, once in the

If a nonconforming product is found in the inspection process, it should be isolated immediately and clearly stated that the quality inspector should fill in the "nonconforming product" Processing List.




Safety and Quality Management System of Elevator Construction Site


In order to strengthen the safety and quality management of elevator construction projects, and strictly grasp the safety and quality control points, special formulation is made.

Installation, safety and quality management system are as follows

1. All personnel entering the construction site must correctly use personal labor protection supplies.

2. New personnel must go through relevant formalities before they can enter the construction site.

3. After entering the site, the well hall doors can be protected well before construction.

4. Safety helmet and safety belt must be worn correctly in well construction.

5. Shaft construction should not be done barefoot or slippers.




6. Safety and Quality Management System of Elevator Construction Site

In order to prohibit drunk work.

7. It is strictly forbidden to use seat belt hoisting equipment.

8. It is strictly forbidden to lend the key to the hall door to the person without witness.

9. Fire protection facilities should be equipped in the warehouse. It is strictly forbidden to pull wires indiscriminately and to use electric stoves and heaters.

10. During the construction of elevator, the number of construction personnel of elevator car roof should not exceed 4.

11. When scaffolding is in operation, safety nets shall be set up as required.

12. Safety personnel must wear safety sleeves. If they leave the site, they must temporarily designate other personnel to be responsible.

13. Open-box items should not be randomly stacked. Goods entering the warehouse should be placed neatly, keep the warehouse clean and smokeless.

14. All electrical components must be waterproof and moisture-proof.

15. The engine room guide wheel, sedan chair roof and counterweight anti-rope wheel should be placed in a dry position and rainproof measures should be taken.

16. The guide rails are stacked neatly and protected.

17. When hall doors, car doors and car panels cannot be stacked in the warehouse, the surface must be protected.




18. The installation of the scaffolding of the top shaft meets the requirements of safety and firmness.

19. Re-protect the heavy block with strong and strong wire or steel rope. Electricity must be ensured for the number of heavy blocks

The ladder does not slide. (At least 60.9% of the car's load)

20. Rear speed limiter, safety clamp linkage experiment is effective, electrical switch is effective.

21. The front buffer must be installed and refueled.

22. The scaffolding erected on the top or bottom of the sedan car during carriage construction must be protected.

23. After the EMU, it is not possible to connect the engine room to the emergency stop, the speed limiter switch and the car roof stop switch.


On-site quality management system


(1) Quality target elevator installation guarantees one acceptance pass and strives for high-quality projects.

(2) Quality Assurance Measures specify that installation quality refers not only to engineering quality, but also to working quality; and engineering quality refers to installation.

The equipment can be installed and operated normally. The quality of work refers to the leadership, management and production technology of an enterprise.

Quality of service. In order to ensure the quality of the project, first of all, we should strengthen leadership and management, establish and improve the quality management organization.

Construct and strengthen education and propaganda work.

1. Familiar with drawings and site conditions before starting construction, inspection of equipment and materials required for installation, and conscientious open-box work to do .

2. Strictly enforce the relevant system of construction site to ensure installation and civilized construction.




3. Before installation, the quality of each part should be checked to prevent unqualified parts from being loaded into the whole machine.

4. Improving the inspection system, the installation team earnestly completes the contents of "Construction Process Record" and "Daily Work Diary" every day.

Effectiveness, the company regular inspection.

5. Various relevant regulations promulgated by the state and companies.

6. Strictly implement the acceptance system, record the inspection results in detail, and evaluate the quality of the completed elevator.

7. Installation tools for regular inspection shall not be used for unqualified tools. At the same time, the tooling configuration model system of team and inspection personnel shall be unified change.

8. Carry out the inspection of each working procedure conscientiously and record well.

9. Installation quality acceptance flow chart (see next page)

Preparing for inspection and acceptance

Check before acceptance

Take corrective measures

Implement installation


Issuance of Qualification Certificate


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