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Building Residential Freight Elevator 1000KG - 7000KG Industrial Freight Elevator

Minimum Order Quantity : 2Unit
Place of Origin: Zhejiang ,China Brand Name: FUJI
Certification: CE,ISO9001,TEST REPORT Model Number: THJ

Detail Information

Product Name: Common Goods Elevator Usage: Elevator For Goods
Capacity: 1000KG~7000KG Speed: 0.5m/s - 1.0m/s
Door: 2panel ,4 Panel ,6 Panel Standard Decoration: Painted Steel
Floor: Check Plate No.Guild Rail: 2 ,4,6,8 Guild Rail
Control: VVVF System: Fuji System
High Light:

Building residential freight elevator


1000KG residential freight elevator


7000KG industrial freight elevator

Product Description

Machine Room Common Goods Elevator For Cheap Building Residential


FUJI Elevator Have gear freight elevator combined with elevator engineering technology and other top technology, strong drive system, high strength of the mechanical structure design, not only can accommodate heavy goods, and can operation in a variety of harsh environments. It has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, low noise, flat layer precision and so on. In the energy saving control system the large carrying capacity, can also achieve energy saving. This elevator is widely used in factories, warehouses, shopping malls and other cargo places.


From performance to details, Desenk is an ideal carrier for the vertical transport of goods.

Whether it be industrial buildings, shopping centers department stores, warehouses or stations,

wharfs and other places FUJI can carry the goods in all the above places, and at the same
time, FUJI can provide quality services with strong social responsibility and leading technology.


The unique curve operation mode

The unique curve operation mode can regulate the elevator speed smoothly, greatly improve the comfort feeling and leveling accuracy and reduce the running noise.


The solid and durable lift car
High strength material is used in the lift car manufacturing to make sure the solid and durable lift car can work in different severe environments

Wide door-opening distance

Multiple folding door is adopted to achieve the maximum opening width and easy moving in and out of large goods.

Excellent torque characteristics
The biggest characteristic of Fuji freight elevators WVF speed regulation is the
constant torque characteristic, regardless of theheavy load, its running speed, comfort feeling, and leveling accuracy.


Emergency function Optionai Function
  Leveling when power failure ln normal power failure, the chargeable battery supplies the lift power. The lift drives to the nearest landing.
Travel function
  Anti-nuisance In the light lift load, when three more commands appear, in order to avoid the unnecessary parking, all the registered callings in the car will be cancelled.
Open the door in advance when the lift decelerates and enters into door open zone, it automatically opens the door to enhance the travel efficiency.
Direct parking It completely accords with distance principle with no crawling in the leveling. It greatly enhances the travel efficiency.
Group control function When three or more same model lift groups are controlled in use, the lift group can automatically choose the most approprate response. It avoids the repeated lift parking, reduces the passengers waiting time and increases the travel efficiency.
Duplex control Two sets of same model lifts can unanimously respond the calling signal through the computer dispatch. In this way, it reduces the passengers’ waiting time to the greatest extent and enhances the travel effciency as well.
On-duty peak service Within the preset on-duty time upward transport from the home landing is extremely busy. The lifts are continuously dispatched to the home landing in order to satisfy on-duty peak service.
Off-duty peak service Within the preset off-duty eod, the lifts are continuously dispatched to top floor in order to satisfy off-duty peak service.
Door open time extending Press special button in the car, the lift door keeps open for certain period of time.
Man-machine interface
  Voice announcer When the lift normally arrives, voice announcer informs the passengers about the relevant information.
Car assistant operation box It is used in the large loading weight lifts or the lifts with crowded passengers so that more and more passengers can use the car.
Operation box for the handicapped It is convenient for the wheelchair passengers and those who have vision problems.
Intelligent calling service The car command or hoist-way calling can be locked or connected through special Inteligent Input.
IC card control function All (partial) landings can only input car commands through IC Card after the authorization.
Monitor function
  Remote monitor The lift long-distance monitor and control can be fulfilled through modem and telephone. It is convenient for the factories and service units to timely know the travel conditions of every lift and promptly take the corresponding measures.
Remote control The lift can have independent travel according to the specific requirements through operation monitor screen(optional).
Camera function in the car The camera is installed in the car to monitor the car conditions.


Only when the elevator has more building freedom, can it obtain the affection from the great building masters. In order to change the influence of traditional the machine room elevator on the the appearance of the building. the machine-roomless series freight elevators developed by fuji do not take up the space of the hoistway and its structure is very compact

Space saving

Permanent magnet synchronous machine has light weight, compact structure and small size, which can efficiently use the hoistway to save 109 of the construction area and greatly improve the performance and quality of freight elevator with no machine room,

compared with a freight elevator with the machine room of the same weight.

Quiet operation
Gearless synchronous transmission can greatly improve the noise and vibration .

Environment protection
and consumption reduction
Gearless and permanent magnet synchronous machine, which is free of lubrication. And no oil needs to be changed frequently.

Energy conservation and power gathering
The elevator with small starting current and high transmission efficiency can directly save 30% of the electricity, compared with the
traditional traction machine .


Building Residential Freight Elevator 1000KG - 7000KG Industrial Freight Elevator 0




Building Residential Freight Elevator 1000KG - 7000KG Industrial Freight Elevator 1


1. Production experience: 20 years of manufacturing experience.
2. Management team : We have employed enterprise management expert to take charge of the overall management, especially the technical and quality management.
3. Certificates: We have gotten ISO 9001:2008 and CE certificate.
4. Lofting and design software: We have three-dimensional design software which can help us design the most suitable machine for our customers.
5. QC Inspection:It is our company policy that all the finished products should be inspected by our specialized QC personnel in every manufacture steps and before shipment.
6. Technical advantage: We are always persisting in cooperation with domestic senior shot institute and technical colleges. We also have a highly qualified team working at R&D, manufacture, QC, after-sale service, etc.

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