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"Elevator failure ≠ Elevator unsafe" Fuji Elevator Helps You Answer

December 29, 2018

Latest company news about "Elevator failure ≠ Elevator unsafe" Fuji Elevator Helps You Answer

     Fuji Technological Center Tips: When it comes to taking the elevator, occasionally there will be some seemingly frightening situations, such as suddenly the elevator shakes up and down or the lights flicker. The elevator structure is complex, the well is deep, the car is narrow and faulty. Accidents happen from time to time... It is unavoidable for ordinary citizens to panic and question the safety of elevators.


    When encountering all kinds of elevator "failure" situation, the most useless is screaming, the most dangerous is to kick, pick and knock on the door.


    In life, many people often violate the rules when using elevators: repeatedly press the door button, the elevator opens the door in excess of time, etc., transport decoration garbage, litter, or carry furniture, building materials and other heavy objects when hitting the elevator, when overloading, forcibly squeeze in, press all floor buttons... In fact, these are dangerous "running through the red light" behavior.


    Fuji Elevator reminds you that picking doors and other acts are very dangerous actions, which can lead to sudden stop of elevators, malfunction and personal injury, which is absolutely impossible. Smoking and jumping in elevator car violate the safety rules of elevator and easily cause potential safety hazards. In addition, the impact of an electric car or bicycle on the elevator door when it enters the elevator car is also harmful.


    What should we do in case of an elevator accident? Elevator safety accidents emerge in endlessly, which makes people sigh. At the same time, we need to master the method of self-rescue by elevator, because the injury is not inevitable!

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